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Instructor Katerina – the founder of Imagika Tribe studio, director of group and solo dance numbers. She spellbinds with her performance. Her unbelievably slow, hypnotizing, filles with inner calmness and freedom of movement, will take you to the world of magic mystery. Katerina is one of the leading tribal fusion performers in Latvia. She performs not movement combinations, but rather a dance of her feminine nature. Katerina has been trained by the leading tribal fusion dancers, such as Kami Liddle (USA), Sherri Wheatley (USA), Manca Pavli (Slovenia), Anasma (USA/FRANCE), Samantha Emmanuel (UK), Tiana (RUS), Mira Betz (USA), Polina Shandarina (RUS), Alexis Southall(UK) and Violet Scrap(IT).

About tribal fusion

Tribal Fusion belly dance – one of the many eastern dance style, based on American tribal style (ATS). ATS – is a system of group dance improvisation, created by Carolena Nericcio and her group Fat Chance Belly Dance ®. This dance style can be characterized as a blend of Egyptian belly-dance, traditional Indian dances and flamenco. The basic principle of performance — is synchronous improvisation. This marvelous dance can be performed at any age, and with any complexion. Tribal helps enhancing femininity, gracefulness, and even courage as its based on improvisation. Tribal Fusion – is based on ATS. The idea behind it is, performer expressing herself by merging elements of preferred dance styles with the basis of ATS. Tribal fusion — is a huge field for creative experimentation. The main difference between Tribal Fusion and stylized belly dance is necessary knowledge of basic movements and characteristic posture. The dance allows individual improvisation (sometimes done with live percussion drumming), and group performances.

Course format

Classes start and end with a yoga session, since its tightly interconnected with Tribal fusion style. Classes are focused on base element of the style. Attention is paid to correct posture, hand movements, isolated movements of hips and chest. Classes are aimed at women, searching for their unique dance style and for those who already found it and want to improve.






Group class

Group class


Group class

Group class


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